Kickstarter! An opportunity for great Rewards!!

As you may know already, I started a winery.  It has been a labor of love, insanity, sleep deprivation, patience, and thrill.  Every time I wonder “why the hell did I do this?!” something like the Viognier being harvested makes me think “YES!!!”  There is still plenty to do, but the majority of the hurdles have been hurdled.  Nonetheless, there are a few hurdles left.  In order to overcome those, I have started a kickstarter funding program.
Kickstarter is a crowd funding website where you can donate for rewards.  There are some pretty nifty ones!!  (Wine & Food tasting anyone?  Vineyard tour maybe?)  Check it out!!
AND!  If 100% of the funding is not achieved, no money is removed from your account.  You don’t pay a dime!  Thus, you are guaranteed 100% success for your money.  This also means that 100% funding has to be achieved for me to get any funding whatsoever.

Please!! Any contributions or spreading the word would be greatly appreciated!

In any event, there will be an inaugural release party in January/February for my 2013 Diamond Mountain Cab and 2015 Chalk Hill Viognier!  Will definitely be a great time!  Lots of food and wine, can’t be bad! 😉  More details will be on the website when the date gets closer.  You can also sign up for the mailing list!!

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