At Vellichor Wines we have a passion for winemaking and our social responsibility.  We only source from sustainably farmed vineyards for the highest quality fruit, to produce the highest quality wine possible.  Let’s be honest, the story can’t continue if one runs out of ink…

                    From a young age, the mystery of books intrigued and fascinated.  To open up a book was to open a gateway to another dimension.  Stories, characters, and adventure awaited.   However, the book itself has a story.  Where was it purchased?  Was it a gift?  Who has read it?  To realize a book both contains a story within its pages, and has a story itself, that is Vellichor.

                    Much like books, opening a bottle of wine is discovering the written story of a wine.  Each bottle has its own story, occasionally stretching over decades.   How was the climate that vintage?  From what vineyards did the grapes come?  How was the process from grape to bottle?  But the bottle also has its own story.  How did the bottle find its way to you?  How did you enjoy the bottle?  Was it for celebrating a life moment, or merely celebrating the end of the day?  These stories captivated us from the moment we first popped a cork.  And much like a bookstore, any wine cellar is a testament to these collective stories.  That is Vellichor Wines.


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