Bloom, Set, Match!

Growing Season 2016 is off and running in the Northern Hemisphere!  Many vineyards in Napa, Sonoma, and Lake Counties are seeing what is called Bloom and Set.  Domesticated grapevines, what we see as wine grapevines, are hermaphroditic.  This means they have both the male and female botanical parts and self-pollinate.  This keeps the Chardonnay varietal … More Bloom, Set, Match!

Harvest 2016

It has begun! Bud break for the growing season of harvest 2016 officially occurred on February 22nd in Carneros, Napa Valley and March 8th in Guenoc Valley, Middletown.  This means that the vines have officially left dormancy and are actively growing.  Hence, the chaos, anxiety, and excitement of the upcoming harvest has officially begun. Not … More Harvest 2016

Virus Season Part 2: Leafroll Virus, the Scurge of California

There are over 55 diseases in grapevines, so I won’t be talking about all of them in the coming weeks.  Merely highlighting the main culprits of low yield, low quality, and ruined vineyards.  In this entry, the focus is on Leafroll Virus. Leafroll, or Grape Leafroll Virus, is reaching epidemic levels in grapevines in California.  … More Virus Season Part 2: Leafroll Virus, the Scurge of California

Virus Season

Since virus season is rapidly approaching with impending winter, I thought it would be a good time to talk about viruses.  Particularly, grapevine viruses.  In this entry, I will talk about one in particular… There are actually a number of grapevine diseases, let alone viruses, out there. According to UC Davis, grapevines can harbor more … More Virus Season

Becoming a Winery

I must admit, starting this journey was easy with rose-colored glasses.  However, the farther I get, the more I doubt myself.  I do see why people do start a winery every day, even a virtual one.  It takes huge injections of time, energy, love, and money.  Budgeting has become a lifeline to this project, not … More Becoming a Winery

Wild Fires, Smoke Taint, and Flash Détente

The Valley Fire that has been burning this past week has been shocking and devastating.  Many other fires this season have caused significant destruction and loss.  The number of wildfires doesn’t compare to the quantity in 2008, but the acreage burned for this year is quite high.  In 2008, the quantity (1,375,781 acres burned), and … More Wild Fires, Smoke Taint, and Flash Détente

Kickstarter! An opportunity for great Rewards!!

As you may know already, I started a winery.  It has been a labor of love, insanity, sleep deprivation, patience, and thrill.  Every time I wonder “why the hell did I do this?!” something like the Viognier being harvested makes me think “YES!!!”  There is still plenty to do, but the majority of the hurdles … More Kickstarter! An opportunity for great Rewards!!