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2014 Ciepło: Rainin Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

feel-the-warmth by Amy Abney

               To celebrate heritage, this wine was crafted as a tribute to Jane Halahan’s Polish grandfather.  He had a knack for making tasty wine from nontraditional fruits.  In honor of his unique talents, Ciepło, meaning “warmth” in Polish, is not like any traditional Cabernet.  Red fruit forward with the lively acidity that is a hallmark of the Diamond Mountain District AVA, Ciepło is well-balanced with supple tannins and a finish of clove and nutmeg.  Meant to be enjoyed with family, Ciepło is truly the epitome of the warmth and love of family.

  • Artwork: “Feel the Warmth” by Amy Abney
  • Alcohol: 16.7%
  • Size: 3 cases
  • Price: SOLD OUT!

2015 Mvua Chalk Hill Viognier

Sonoma County Viognier Grapes                 In Africa, the rains drive life. The rains provide refreshment and rebirth to a parched land. On those instrumental climatic phenomenons, Jane Stutchbury both depended and lived. Jane’s grandmother, and her namesake, was born and brought up in eastern Africa. She thrived in the face of adversity, building a successful coffee farm in a male-dominated colony that was largely considered “bush.” To celebrate her almost elemental strength, Mvua, which means “rain” in  Swahili, is much like its namesake. Refreshing and structured, with crisp acidity and floral notes, this wine represents the cooling rains that give life to those who thrive on one of the most harrowing of continents.

Kenyan Watercolor of Zebras

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