At Vellichor Wines, we have a devotion to high elevation vineyards.  It is our belief that through the increased soil drainage, rockier soil profile, cooler temperatures, and increased solar radiation of the land, these vineyards produce fruit with more concentrated flavors.  These flavors lead to a more aromatic, fruit forward wine.  This is particularly noticeable in our 2013 Diamond Mountain District Cabernet Sauvignon.  Unlike wines from lower altitudes, the nose on this Diamond Mountain District wine exudes notes of raspberry, plum, and strawberry.  In addition to an increase in aromaticity, the wines have higher phenolic and tannin levels, leading to deeper, richer wines.  This is not only observed in red wines.  In our 2015 Mvua,Chalk Hill Viognier, the nose is full and vibrant, while the mouthfeel is rich and smooth.

                    In addition to a love of elevation, we also equally love Sonoma and Napa Counties.  Napa may have the history and distinction, but Sonoma County also has amazing vineyards that contribute a terroir unique to their appellations.  From Atlas Peak to Chalk Hill, we seek to celebrate the entirety of our wine country and bring out the best our vines have to offer.  It is only a matter of finding the right combination of varietal, viticulture, and altitude to produce a truly magnificent wine.   These grapes have their own stories to tell.  We merely give them the blank pages.