Diamond Mountain District AVA

                At Vellichor Wines, we have a devotion to high elevation vineyards.  High quality fruit is sourced from a select number of hillside vineyards across the Sonoma and Napa counties. It is our belief that these vineyards contribute a terroir unique to their appellations and have their own stories to tell.




Rainin Vineyard

Rainin Vineyard

              This Bordeaux vineyard, located in the Diamond Mountain District of Napa Valley, was planted by Jim Barbour and John Kongsgaard in 1997.  The vineyard, which includes 4 acres of Cabernet Sauvignon (clone 337), is at 600-700 ft elevation.  The flagship vintage (2014) of Ciepło was from Rainin Vineyards.  Famed for its acidity and tannins, the region boasts grapes that produce strong, well-balanced Cabernet wines.  Well-drained volcanic soils produce chocolately flavors with supple tannins.  The flavors these grapes generate are so unique, they leave their fingerprint on any wine they find their way into.

Diamond Mountain Vineyard

diamond mountain vineyard

                Diamond Mountain Vineyard is found at the top of Diamond Mountain at an elevation of 2121 ft.  Established in 1895, this vineyard has long been a nationally recognized historic place of Napa County.  And rightly so!  This vineyard produces fruit forward bordeaux wines that are great examples of high altitude wines.  The nose contains flavors of raspberry, strawberry, and plum.  The body of the wines produced from this vineyard are balanced with clear representations of the terroir the grapes are sourced from.