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                  Making wine is like writing a novel: slow, occasionally frustrating, and ult imately infinitely rewarding.  The grapes, like ideas, must be nurtured, loved, and encouraged to blossom into the full blown composition they had the potential to be.  The hardest part is often figuring out how to convey the story of the grapes into a finished and interpretable wine.

                   That is where the supporting characters, our yeast, come in.  Each fermentation is not completed by one yeast strain, but a series.  When appropriate, the first portion of the fermentation is often native, slowly down the fermentation speed and increasing aromatic intricacies.  Thus, each story has many characters that contribute to the full story.  This increases complexity, creates drama, and builds intensity in the wine.

                   The primary fermentation is then followed by loving care, minimalistic oxygen infusion, and a gentle touch that brings out the softer side of the tannins.  By making the wine in this way, the complexities are balanced and well-integrated into the wine.

                   Through hard work, an intimate knowledge of wine chemistry and microbiology, and an adherence to crafting excellent artisanal wines, Vellichor Wines pulls the vignettes of the story together to a final harmony of sensorial experiences.  Slowly, the pieces fall into place, producing a beautiful work of art.